Elevate yourself.

Small group exercise classes that focus on performance training and athlete development principles.  

Developing the Young Athlete:  Learn To Train For Youth

Who:  Youth ages 11-15

When: Next session starts Fall 2021

Where:  Peak Training.  Unit 214-1420 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler

Cost: $150 + GST 

Entry to gym included

The learn to train philosophy focuses on developing fundamental movement skills and general training concepts. 


Some of the integral concepts and lessons presented in this program will be:

  • learning proper movement patterns and developing strength through age appropriate exercises. 

  • mobility flexibility drills and skills.

  • developing knowledge of warm ups to cool downs.

  • hydration, nutrition, recovery, relaxation and focusing techniques.    

Youth ages 13-15 will be granted 'Youth on Weights' certifcation upon completion of a 6 week block which will allow them to train unsupervised at Meadow Park Sports Centre.  

Strength Training for Mountain Biking

Who:  Ages 16 +

When:  Next session TBA.

Where:  Peak Training.  Unit 214-1420 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler

Cost:  $150 + GST 

Entry to gym included

Get ready to ride longer, faster, stronger and with more confidence! 


This ongoing program will prepare you for the mountain bike season by:

  • Improving your overall strength through sport specific exercises.

  • Building a strong foundation through anterior and posterior core specific exercises.  

  • Increase your endurance and power through explosive programming.  

  • Help prevent common injuries by ironing out imbalances.  

  • Increase mobility in the areas that tend to tighten and restrict movement in the mountain biker.