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Knowledge is Power.

Small group exercise classes that educate, inform and guide you to a more empowering pregnant and postpartum experience.  

Postpartum Return to High Impact

Who:  Postpartum population from 4 months onwards.

When: Custom sessions only.  Contact Strand Training to discuss!

Where:  Virtual, Meadow Park Sports Centre or Altitude Gym

Cost:  TBA

To be high impact ready, your postpartum body needs time to heal and regain its strength after having a baby.  


This 6 week course focuses on bridging the gap from foundational postpartum rehabilitation and training to introducing the sports, activity and movement you love back into your life by: 

  • Education on the necessary steps to resume high impact activity without compromising core and pelvic floor health.  

  • Facilitating a safe return to sport by providing the appropriate strategies necessary to incorporate your preferred activity safely

  • Progressively build strength and fitness that take into consideration pelvic floor and abdominal function.  

Unsure if you are ready for this course?  Contact Strand Training to discuss!

Postpartum Return to Activity:  The Foundations

Who:  Postpartum population from 6 weeks onwards.  Babies welcome!

When: Custom sessions only.  Contact Strand Training to discuss!

Where:  Virtual, Meadow Park Sports Centre or Altitude Gym

Cost:  TBA

So many changes happen to your body while pregnant and it can be very overwhelming to know where to start Postpartum.  


The 6 week foundations course is an effective and efficient way to begin your postpartum return to activity by: 

  • Learning about exercise related themes that exist during the different postpartum phases.  

  • Acquiring strategies to better structure your approach to training and sport postpartum.

  • Discovering how to make adjustments and integrate specific movement strategies to preserve and/or restore core and pelvic health.​​

Postpartum Return to High Impact
Postpartum Foundations
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