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Creating Passionate Riders

Since 2002 I’ve been developing riders in all disciplines and at all levels.  My overlying philosophy and approach to coaching, instructing and mentoring extends beyond transformative experiences on the bike.  I also focus on the mental strength and mindfulness we acquire from riding bikes, how that relates to our lives and its potential to build us up as phenomenal human beings.   

Recently I have connected to a strong team of coaches that share the same philosophies, values and instructing and coaching techniques and strategies. I believe that this esteemed group just does not get any better!    

Customized privates and small group packages are tailored to your specific goals with one of our coveted coaches of your choice.  

The programs that are offered focus on rider and athlete improvement philosophies and target different populations in the mountain bike community.  


"I thought you were easily the best coach I have had - regardless of sport.  Super intuitive tips, easy to consume, great follow up."



"I just wanted to thank you so much for this customized session for my daughter and her friends – it’s been HUGELY beneficial for her.  She and her brother now go out regularly to bike the trails that you have shown the girls and they come back with huge smiles on their faces.  What a difference this has made for her – she’s so enthusiastic about biking now!  I can’t thank you enough!!"



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