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Women's Wellness Across Lifecycles

Recognizing the diversity of women's experiences and bodies, my approach to women's wellness, training and rehabilitation emphasizes personal guidance while acknowledging there is no universal solution for everyone.  I go beyond the conventional one size fits all approach and aim to provide the appropriate education, training, structure and advocacy that will help women navigate their distinctive journeys through pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause and menopause. 


Customized training is an optimal way to navigate your personal journey through a very unique to you experiences.  These sessions are able to be billed by most Extended Health Insurance Plans.


The classes that are offered are niche specific catering towards certain populations.


"Katrina has been a wonderful source of support and knowledge during my challenging postpartum period. She is empathetic and experienced, guiding me through the long process of healing and strengthening after pregnancy and birth. She understands how vital it is for me to feel confident in my body and able to safely do the activities that I love. It’s a work in progress, but I feel much better having Katrina on my side!" 


- Rosara

"You have had a major impact on me winning my first off-road triathlon. And also reigniting my core!! I still remember strapping into my ski boots and feeling the power coming all the way from my core, for such a simple move! It was the first moment I said to myself ‘I’m back!!’" 


- Tara

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