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  Achieve Your Goals

Training is not an option when it comes to reaching your athletic goals. Whether you are an elite or recreational athlete, I provide customized training and programs designed to achieve sport specific success as well as rehabilitation training tailored to your needs. 

Customized performance training and rehabiliation Is open to anyone who is looking for informed education, guidance and tools that lead you towards achieving your sport, movement or fitness goals - be it running your first 10 K, competing at an international level or recovering from injury.  These sessions are able to be billed by most Extended Health Insurance Plans.

The programs and classes that are offered are niche specific catering towards certain populations, sports and/or training goals.  


"Katrina's training is an organized, systematic process that had me building strong foundations and making gains toward my goal of a bike race I thought was out of reach. She took careful stock of old injuries, mobility, and base ability to develop a program to help me reach my goals, and I'm continually surprised and proud of what I've been able to achieve through her training." 


- Christina 


"Katrina has not only been a trainer to me. She has become someone I look up to. She helped me achieve new goals I never could have achieved in the past. She improved my overall strength, fitness as well as my posture and my mind set about racing. So knowledgeable about more than just being in the gym!"


- Gemma

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