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5 exercises to help with stability and balance when mountain biking on rough terrain

Stability and balance are EVERYTHING on our bikes. It becomes harder to sustain our stability and balance while riding on rough terrain and/or on features with compression. A strong core is SO IMPORTANT to be able to maintain your foundational body position in these scenarios. And when I say core, I mean chop off those arms and legs . . . so 'core' includes your gluts and shoulders too.

Our legs and arms push and pull off our core, so we need that it to be super resilient in order to take on compressions, and other features of harsh terrain. We also need to build the relationship between our legs, arms and core. We need them all to function together as one big happy family!

Try 2-3 sets of each of these exercises, 2 times per week for 1 month and see for yourself how moving better as a human being WILL translate to moving better as a mountain biker!

Exercise #1 - Narrow split squat jumps

Exercise #2 - Hand release push ups

Exercise #3 - Hollowbody holds

Exercise #4 - Wall sits with single leg lifts

Exercise #5 - Side plank hold with knee lift

Move better as a human, move better as a biker!

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